Sunday, December 7, 2008

With Lego Like This, Who Needs Imagination?

Arguably, this post will earn me an ACMA takedown notice. Consider this:

  • the photo depicts simulated sexual activity between synthetic adults [ my god, I hope they are adults!!! ]
  • it appears on a site which does not use age verification technology.
  • the fiend responsible for linking to the image is me, an Australian citizen, living in Australia. I have no idea who created the image, but I suspect it was one of those Nordic-types who have such strange ideas about pornography.

Go on, ACMA, take me down. I so much want to replace this image with your take-down notice.


Danny Yee said...

You won't get a take down notice unless the web site is hosted in Australia. The fact that you are an Australian living in Australia is irrelevant.

Jon Seymour said...

Thereby providing proof that the Government needs these powers to prevent this outrageous filth!

Jon Seymour said...

Oh dear, it seems the courts do take satire a little too seriously.

Go on, society, start thinking like a paedophile everytime you open your blinkered little eyes.

Oops, this bait may be a little too tasty for Clive to ignore.

Danny Yee said...

I don't think any of those lego people look like they're under 18, but I'm not an expert on evaluating the apparent age of lego figures...

Rastko said...

this guy here got charged

Please read....
Cartoon FFS....

Jon Seymour said...

Fortunately, I think the prosecution would have a pretty hard time proving that the lego figures are underage. They are welcome to try, I guess.

If they enjoy farce.

Lee Tuckwell said...

I dunno, those lego figures look pretty new - when were they made?

Certainly more recently than 1990

They are under 18 after all ;-) (i wonder if ACMA will bite?)

Websinthe said...

The depiction of chld abuse (e.g. cartoons or stories) has been illegal for a while now, it's one of the big differences between Australian and US law, here it's illegal, there it isn't.

I'm not surprised by the Simpson's thing, even I'll play to the tune that this kind of thing would get a paedo's rocks off (maybe, who knows any more).

We're missing the point, this whole situation isn't about child porn. If Rudd wanted an end to Child Porn, he would be handling this directly, not shunting off to Conroy, a man whose political bully tactics make him untouchable.

Kevin Rudd is a coward.

Jon Seymour said...

Oops, you have spotted a technicality I missed. What if I run the image through a sepia filter?

This moral panic has to end. The only result of society's hyper-sensitivity to the perspective of the paedophile is that the age at which a child becomes a sexual entity has been dropping lower and lower.

Until society can look at nude 15 year olds and think art instead of porn, this tyrrany will never end.

If society insists on seeing the world through a paedophile's eyes childhood innocence will disappear into a sea of porn.

I will be writing more on this at some other time. But it's not my own argument - it was eloquently put in a 2001? paper by NY legal academic called Amy Adler. It is well worth reading. See my June post for a link to the Adler article.