Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Cop, Bad Cop?

The Government certainly knows its politics.

Stephen Conroy has been completely and thoroughly vilified by 11 months of rage against his ISP filtering policy. So, if you want to soothe the masses and take the heat out of this coming Saturday's street protests, why not choose a different minister, the likeable Lindsay Tanner, to host the Government's new "hang out and listen to the people" blog

If this is a sincere attempt to listen and not simply a snow job, then good on them.

However, I am yet to be convinced that we should be ready to trust this new touchy, feely Government. After all, this is a Government that doesn't trust its adult citizens to use the uncensored Internet responsibly. This is the Government that doesn't mind violating the Conroy Rule with gay abandon.

In my view, the Government must do at least the following: thoroughly and completely repudiate its previous support for a mandatory ISP filter. And, if it has the integrity to do so, it should apologise for continuously labeling opponents of the filter as supporters of child pornography.

Please don't stand down just yet folks. We need more than well-managed PR. We need a concrete repudiation of the Government's policy by the Government itself. Or, we need to see the trial fail, and let the Government sneak out the back door.

A courageous, principled leader would choose the former. A weaker, unprincipled one the latter. How about it, Kev? What kind of leader are you?

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Jon Seymour said...

I submitted this comment to the Government's blog at 10:20 (complete with grammar errors):

As at 10:15 Dec 10, my previous comment (dated Dec 9, 20:07) had not been published even though surrounding comments had been.

I believe it was on topic and measured. It did, however, question whether this blog was a question of "Good Cop, Bad Cop"

If it was not published for reasons other than suppressing an opinion that got a little to close to the truth, then I am sure you won't mind publishing a link to an original copy of the comment so people can judge for themselves.


Alternatively, please publish an explanation for my original comment was not published since I believe it did not violate the moderation policy.

Jon Seymour said...

The 10 sins of Senator Conroy, the blogger

Jon Seymour said...

The original post has still not been published, but they did post my followup (above).