Sunday, December 14, 2008

With Adults Controlled Like This...

I had a chance to speak at the end of the Sydney rally on December 13 so I figured I would present the argument I wrote up on "Somebody Think Of The Children" last week - "With Adults Controlled Like This, Child Protection Can Wait"

Here's what I said:

On reflection, I should have concluded: "it's about what they view", but hey reality's edit functions are rather poor!


Geordie said...

Damnit Jon I could've met you :)

Well done.

Joe said...

Well done, and keep up the good fight, I´ve been out of the country for a couple of weeks and I log on to see this, Ohhh my god, its like George Orwells book 1984 is coming true, I could not think of a worse thing they could consider to damage our internet speeds and use, sure those that are IT savvy will just find a hole, and just watch as a large number of internet Proxies spawn in off shore uncensored countries, but all in all it makes the Rudd government look like a bunch of Xenophobics. What has happened to this country, this is not communist controlled like China, and realistically how well did the great firewall of china effectivly block anything anyways, many Chinese just started using proxies and remote servers elseware to browse the net without censorship, and the same will happen here, if this new system is implemented it will only damage the overall speeds of the internet in Australia.
This just seems so unreal, as if I´ve just woken up in George Orwells 1984.

Bob Bain said...

There's video favourtied on the youtube "nocenorshipaus" channel from Brisbane (including the ABC), Melbourne (where it was obviously not the best of weather), one from Adelaide and a quality video from Perth.

The Hobart rally won't take place until next Saturday.

The video quality varies.

Added to :-

as I find them.

skribe said...

If you're interested the video for the Perth protest is here.