Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mike The Participant wades in

People who read this blog may think that I am rather blind about the problem of child pornography and one-eyed about the need to protect freedom of speech. To help address this imbalance, I decided to help an acquaintance, "Mike The Participant", set up his own blog. For some reason, Mike wishes to remain behind a pseudonym. Anyway, his collected words say it all - enjoy.


JonDgar said...

Hurrah for free speech!

This is the thing. The Internet is not a media. It's a communications network.

Censoring the Internet is like censoring what you can say over the telephone.

Great blog Jon!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I dont belive it, either the link is down or iinet has blocked it.

please excuse me as i fall to the floor ranting about overkill cencor-ship

Jon Seymour said...

I took some of the links down, to reflect the fact that Mike has had a change of heart. You can read about that here.

Robert said...

The article in your blog reminds me some old memory .That is good .It gives me happy .I think we will have a harmonious talk.Do you agree?