Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally, a politician who has a clue

I have to say, up until recently, I didn't have very much time for Senator Nick Minchin, representing as he does the decapitated rump of the Howard Liberal party.

But, boy, the man knows how to critique doomed ISP filtering policies.

Steve Cannane interviewed him on Radio National this morning.

The only disappointing aspect was that he didn't commit the opposition 100% to opposing any legislation. Mind you, he doesn't need to, given that their support for legislation seems to be conditional on the trial being proven, by an independent auditor, of being a success. And we all know how likely that is to be.


Dan Buzzard said...

Who is the Auditor?

Whats the bet that it's a vendor?

Stilgherrian said...

There is no auditor, Dan. That's the point. Senator Minchin is calling for one. Anyone.

The current "plan" has the trial coordinator report back to ACMA, who then edit to report into bureaucratese and hand it to the Minister, who then does whatever he likes -- including ignoring it. That's how the Westminster System works.

Anonymous said...

An auditor may not be that difficult to find, what are Clive and Flood doing these days?