Monday, December 1, 2008

Sydney Protest - December 13

Here's a link to the Facebook event for the Sydney protest rally on December 13. For those without facebook accounts and no desire to acquire one, the rally is scheduled for 11am at Sydney Town Hall.

Facebookers please RSVP and invite your like-minded friends! Everyone else, just turn up with your like-minded friends!

Links for events in other cities are available here.

Updated: The correct time is 11am


Bob Bain said...

Great Stuff. You NEED a FACEBOOK login and password to read it !

Why ?

Is it supposed to be a secret that nobody is to hear about !

I happen to have a Facebook login and password (that I rarely use)and without divulging secrets here's what the page states.

Time and Place Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Sydney Town Hall Square
Street: George St
City/Town: Sydney, Australia

Description - The government plans to slow the internet by 87% by opening every single exchange of information to look for "unwanted" and "illegal" content. Illegal internet content is so broadly defined at law that it covers everything from Facebook, to MySpace, to Wikipedia, to YouTube.

Protest is the most effective way for the general public to oppose this law, and our protests are designed to inform the general public and increase the opposition to the filter.

We can stop this. But we need your help.

Sydney Town Hall, George Street, 13 December, Noon.

The page asks me to RSVP but doesn't say who I'm RSVPing to.

Why isn't this call for action publicly available ?

I've logged out of Facebook and am pleased that I have a blogger account so that I can post details here.

On previous protests the EFA made details publicly available via newsgroups.

Bob Bain said...

The wiki tells me that there were protests on November 1st which failed in certain cities but were successful in Sydney.

What does it mean by "successful".

I never heard of them. There was nothing (to my knowledge) on the news.

As far as I know any alleged events on November 1st. didn't take place. I most certainly didn't know about them in advance and most certainly haven't heard anything about them other than a vague reference in the wiki.

As far as I'm concerned they weren't a success. If I haven't heard about them (and I attempt to follow these things fairly closely) any alleged protests on November 1st. didn't take place.


Jon Seymour said...


Yes, I agree. If the promotion is restricted to Facebook, this will unnecessary restrict the range of people who might attend.

There also seems to be some confusions about whether it starts at 11am or 12pm. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Bob Bain said...

ok. I'll make a note in my diary to be in the vicinity of Sydney Town Hall on 13th. December 2008 around 12 noon to 1 pm

I've just had a peek at

This is the forum for the Electronic Freedom Project

On the subject of Internet Freedom - no posts

On the subject of "the nitty gritty" - no posts

On the subject of "censorship news" - no posts

On the subject of "posters, pamphlets and images" - no posts

On the subject of "communicating with politicians" - no posts

Activisim Queensland 2 posts

Activism South Australia 2 posts

Other States - 0 posts

Great publicity here..

Reasons for failure in Melbourne and Adelaide
No target
No one at home
Short notice
No allies
No speakers
No hand outs
No subsequent action planned
"I like porn" signs. Its fucking stupid. If it would alienate Today Tonight viewers, and you're planning on doing it, don't do it


BUT there again if someone does like porn why should they be refrained from saying so ?

What is this ? An anti-porn group concerned that someone in the family may see them on a TV show suggesting they like pornography.

If they like pornography they are surely FREE TO SAY SO !


David J said...


There's a YouTube ad which plugs the rally in each city. It also tries to get people to think about just how to appeal to those "Today Tonight" viewers instead of waving "I liek Pr0n" signs.

The ad is at


David Jackmanson