Thursday, January 3, 2008

A notice to the Minister

Please be advised that I intend to wage a fierce public campaign against your decision to introduce a mandatory filtering regime on Australian ISPs.

I intend to reveal the plans weakenesess including its logical flaws. While I don't believe you actually have any draconian intent at this point, I will demonstrate the ways in which this system could be abused by a future Howard-like government.

I will even try to offer some constructive suggestions about how your policy could be changed to make it better public policy. More importantly - more effective public policy.

Please be put on notice that if you ever accuse me in a public forum of being an advocate of free access to child pornography I will sue for libel. Even though I am not a lawyer, I believe I would have an excellent chance of winning.

Broadbanned Revolution - fight the powers that be*

Catchy name, huh?

cc: Tanya Libersek (local MP)

* missing from actual e-mail due to typo

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